Kit Cornell Pottery

I’ve chosen to have a showroom at my home/studio, where my work is displayed “by chance or appointment.” Here one can see my most recent work and place orders for pieces/sizes you would like to have made.

Dinner Sets

A typical dinner set includes a 10” dinner plate, 8” salad plate, and a 6” bowl. Price for 3-piece stoneware set is $100; 3-piece porcelain set is $125.

We welcome orders for other sizes/pieces, including mugs and cups. If you provide height and width of additional pieces, we will provide prices.

#1 Stoneware with Iron Saturate and Applewood Ash glaze: #2 Porcelain with Shino/Ash/Bluegreen glaze:
#3 Porcelain with Applewood Ash glaze: #4 Stoneware with Doat/Chun glaze:
#5 Stoneware with Tenmoku/Celadon glaze: #6 Porcelain with Tenmoku/Celadon glaze: