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Hey Friends!
I was published in the current edition of Studio Potter Magazine. As a long time reader and collaborator with Studio Potter, the best publication in the field, I'm honored to have an article included in the Women In Ceramics issue, emphasizing the importance of women in the field. I encourage fellow potters, friends, and those interested in the arts, to support this NH born publication. My involvement in this magazine over decades has nurtured my development as a potter, artist, and activist. Read it and be inspired!

Pottery is my craft, and the focus of my work life. My pieces are designed with the nuanced aspects of function in mind. Forms are simple and decoration is spare.

Interest in incorporating local clay, oxides, and various kinds of ash has led me to develop the unique glazes which define my porcelain and stoneware high-fired work. When I unload the kiln, pieces bear the evidence of smoke and flame, accentuating the richness of the materials used and celebrating our journey.

My limited production of evolving pots is available in my onsite gallery and through regional farmer’s markets and shops around New Hampshire. I am represented elsewhere in shows, galleries, restaurants and collections. You may contact me to make an appointment or to find out when the gallery might be open.

For ordering online, check out the Gallery section of this website for styles and examples of my work. You may request that photos be sent of pieces currently available, or place a special order.

Using the skills developed over decades, I am involved in mentoring, teaching, research and arts activism—ways I contribute to the flourishing of the craft arts in our country as we embrace the future and find our place in it.

porcelain teapot set
Porcelain teapot set
Residence & pottery at 69 High St. The Victorian house dates from 1880.
40-cubic foot brick kiln fired w/natural gas purchased with a grant from the League of NH Craftsmen.

NH State Council on the Arts
Kit Cornell is supported in part by a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

League of NH Craftsmen
Seacoast Growers Association

AVA Gallery and Art Center
Wentworth Gardens New England Foundation for the Arts